About us

The Luminarie, as the name suggests (Lumen in Latin means light), indicates the traditional wooden frames, decorated with many small colored lamps which, composed together in urban settings, illuminate the cities of Southern Italy during the periods of city celebrations.

The origins of the illuminations can be traced back to the Baroque period: in fact they derive from the large urban papier-mâché structures made during the Renaissance festivals in Italy, called 'apparatuses'. They were originally mounted on the facades of buildings and churches and the light sources were lamp paintings shielded by colored paper. The diffusion of the illuminations in the Italian peninsula takes place in the second half of the 1800s, when these scenographies are freed from the facades, they become self-supporting and powered by gas. 

Mariano Scenografie Luminose was born in 1898, when Salvatore started his business as a 'paratore', followed by his son Eliseo and now by Lucio Mariano.

Technical competence, imagination and tradition for a unique and always different product, but above all the unchanged passion for three generations that brought the secrets of an ancient art in the third millennium. From the carbide lamp to the electric current, from the incandescent bulbs to the LED light and the millions of colors of RGB. Innovation and tradition in a company that has transformed the Illuminations into real architecture and light sculptures admired all over the world. 

The MarianoLight headquarters, covering an area of ​​8,000 m2, includes the research and design studio, three laboratories for working with wood, metal, plexiglass, polycarbonate and plastic, two warehouses for storing the finished product and showrooms.

From the administrative offices the guidelines of the five MarianoLight divisions specialized in the design, research, production, sale and installation of the most advanced lighting. Five divisions for five working groups of qualified professionals who interact synergistically, operating in the five continents, but only one signature, always that of Marianolight.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of its establishment, awarded the centenary companies by registering them in the National Register of Historic Enterprises, including MarianoLight. Historical companies are a national pride because with their uninterrupted activity they have contributed to writing the economic history of Italy. The precious patrimony of experience and entrepreneurial values ​​of Salvatore Mariano, who began his activity as a 'paratore' in 1898, passed to his son Elisha who in turn enriched and transmitted it to Lucio Mariano who, combining tradition and innovation, brings and exports the 'Made in Puglia' brand to Italy and worldwide.

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