If a defect is detected on the product please communicate this to us via our help-page, explaining what has occurred. You will be then asked for some more information to which you can reply via email.

In the event of a non-repairable defect in the product purchased, as a seller we naturally assume the warranty obligation provided for by law

The legal guarantee on online purchases is 2 years and is valid within the European Union, limited to non-perishable and / or non-deteriorated or perishable components for normal use of the purchased good. As part of the seller's warranty, we undertake to repair the item or, if necessary, to replace it.

If the purchased good shows defects within two years of delivery, the buyer can contact the seller and claim the right to replace or repair the goods. In the event that the damages may arise, from the buyer or third parties, from an inappropriate use of the goods sold, the seller is not liable in any case for the damages.

The guarantee is a voluntary additional service. The buyer is obliged to prove, after six months, that the deficiency already existed at the time of transfer of the risk. To ascertain the warranty claims, you must contact us directly. In addition to the guarantee we provide, there is also the possibility of obtaining a maintenance service for your needs. Please contact us for further maintenance information.