Marvelous Clover


Marvelous Clover


The Quadrifoglio is a small 'lucky charm'. It is a handcrafted product made of wood by the masters Mariano Light, a perfect solution for interior or exterior lighting. With the new technoligy, by using illuminated plexiglas, it becomes even more precious! In fact, the lights, a symbol of the patronal feasts of Southern Italy, become interior accessories, increasingly used by interior designers and architects.

This light with the typical shape of a four-leaf clover, considered by popular belief a rare and powerful lucky charm, and therefore a perfect gift to wish good luck to a loved one or to make your home 'lucky'.


Color Bulbs
Warm white, cold white
color of structure
37x37 cm
length of cable
2,5 M
Typology power cable
White cable with switch



on request: production time 15 working days


The Marvelous Quadrifoglio has a four-leaf clover-shaped structure in white wood, with e14 led bulbs in two colors: cold white and yellow. For other color variations of the bulbs, you can visit the bulbs section of our shop.

Data sheet

Dimensions 37x37 cm (including lamps)

Lamps No  12

Power 3,6 W

Voltage 220 V