Rosone Rinascimento 1M


Rosone Rinascimento 1M


Rosone Rinascimento 1M is a new design luminaria designed by Marianolight. Evolution in a modern key of our symbol, the rose window, reinterpreted to decorate exclusive spaces in your home. Symbol of Roman and Gothic architecture, the rose window is a typical circular window consisting of the radial arrangement of various compositional elements.

We have taken the symbol of the Rosone and embellished it to create a unique and sinuous shape that recalls the Renaissance decorations. Thanks to its size it beautifully illuminates any room and gives it a special atmosphere.

Color Bulbs
original colors
color of structure
120x120 CM
length of cable
2,5 M
Typology power cable
White cable with switch



Only 1 Available


Rosone Rinascimento 1M consists of a solid white wooden structure with the shape of the rose window (symbol of Mariano Light) and LED bulbs for illuminations in the colours warm white and cold white as shown in the photo

Data sheet

Dimensions 120x120 cm (including lamps)

Lamps No 132

Power 39,6 W

Voltage 12 V

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